Saturday, June 27, 2009

Conservative Hideout 2.0 Interview

I am creating a series of blogger interviews that spotlight the blogs, the people, and the reasoning for taking to the information highway. My motives are not to illustrate my excessive regard for personal advantage, or to somehow enact subversive interests to benefit myself. I'll leave those forms of insidious mechanisms to members of the body politic. I have always tried to avoid circuitous explications on all matters relating to economic and political import. The construct of individual sovereignty intrinsically carries a sober obligation and a reminder of how frail and ethereal it can be. We have seen effluent despite emit from community activists, statists, and progressives, who regard the aforementioned as selfishness and pure rapaciousness. They have chosen, either by choice or some subnormal intellectual capacity, to disrealize individual sovereignty and follow the current cult of personality. The ensuing interviews are with people that have perspectives similar to my own, a passion for liberty and freedom, and the implicit understanding that one's own providence is a compact beyond the grasp of intrusive government. This is not to say that we completely agree on all issues, for I am sure that we do not. We do, however, agree on the important ones.

Over the past few months I have witnessed strangers come together under a common cause hoping to solicit some form of advertency from a malfeasant government. The emotive aspects are fueled by cogent arguments that seem to be too easily dismissed by sections of the media (and government), who overtly respond splenetically to all methods of discord. I am fortunate to have met people who are kind, intelligent, concerned, family oriented, funny, and above all, disturbed and frustrated at a government who has devalued its citizenry. They understand that individual sovereignty is an exercise in personal responsibility, self-actuation, and a need to manifest a destiny without governmental interference. These people are not the bogeymen the media wants us to believe.

I have asked a series of questions and the following are their responses. Up first in the series is the Conservative Hideout 2.0 blog, the proprietor of this blog is Matt and he has recently re-designed his site and has included a forum to help his fellow readers engage in intelligent debate. After reading this post please drop by and peruse his site, give his writings careful consideration and leave a comment to let him know what you think.

tLP: Hello Matt, how are you doing today?

CH2.0: I am fine Tom, how are you doing?

tLP: Great, let's begin, shall we? What is your blog about?

CH2.0: My blog is about anything Conservative, or liberal, as the case may be. Since I've decided to be very sarcastic with my content, I tend to pick stories that are "easily exploitable" in terms if humor. Fortunately for me, the left throws an abundance of soft balls. No shortage there. Also, I try to do stories that I do not see on other blogs. There are so many bloggers, it doesn't make much sense if we're all covering the story "du jour." I try to cover some different stuff, like the recent HS graduation where 400 kids defied the ACLU.

tLP: Why did you start your blog?

CH2.0: Ironically, my blog was almost an afterthought. I had been a member of the Conservative HQ forum for about a year. At one time it was great place, but eventually, it became over-run with trolls. I decided to start a site and a forum that would keep out trolls, let Conservative define our ideas, and come up with solutions to the problems we face.

That plan failed miserably.

One of my friends from college (Dr. Dave at Feed Your ADHD) was blogging so I talked to him about it, and I decided to give it a try. I wrote my first post about the stimulus, and it reminded me of a story about my wife. It was kinda funny, and I got hooked on the idea of venting my sarcasm.

tLP: What are you hoping to accomplish with your blog?

CH2.0: Several things: I hope to give people a laugh. These days, we need that. At the same time, I want to introduce people to issues in a way that is not the typical "here are the facts" format. There are people that, quite frankly, do that far better than I can. My shortfall is that I was once a fair writer (as confirmed by my English Degree holding wife), however, my 16 year career has required me to condense as much data into the fewest words possible. That has made writing long, serious posts difficult at best. Also, the blog has also become my therapy. I think my head might explode if I didn't vent my anger at the current administration, and liberalism/"progressivism" as a whole.

tLP: How are your posts received by people; good, fair, or against?

CH2.0: I have a "quirky" sense of humor. I typically have three reactions to my humor as a whole.

1. You're so funny, you should do stand up comedy!
2. I don't get it.
3. You must die!

Though some of my personal favorites have received few comments, I tend to look at the total number of comments as an indicator of how well I'm doing.

tLP: How important is your blog in today's economic and political climates?

CH2.0: There are thousands of Conservative bloggers out there. I have to be honest and say that if I quit tomorrow, the world will go on just fine without me. My blog is my little niche in the world, and I'll continue until I have a reason to quit, or the government bans it. I would like to have thousands or readers, but if that doesn't happen, I'll appreciate all the ones I do have.

tLP: Can you give us the addresses to your blog and your forum?

CH2.0: Absolutely! They are as follows; Conservative Hideout 2.0, Conservative Hideout 2.0 Blog, Conservative Hideout Forum.

I want to state that I did my due diligence and checked to see if Matt, and the Conservative Hideout 2.0 site, were on the new watch list from the government. As of today's date, he and his site are not. Next week we will have another interview ready for your enjoyment, until then, enjoy Matt's site and participate whenever you can. These truly are interesting times, and I am meeting interesting people. Thank you to Matt and Conservative Hideout 2.0 for letting me pry, it was a great experience. Until next time.